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Aeddan Howells was born in Bridgend, Glamorgan, in 1950 and spent his early years in Wales near what is now called the Heritage Coast. His mother was English and his father Welsh: she had a small family whilst he had a legion - nearly all of them living in an industrial township in Gwent – the fictionalised 'Treharne' in a collection of short stories (to be published). Four generations of Aeddan's family were ironworkers who'd followed the fortunes of the industry down the valleys from its mountain origins in Blaenau Gwent.​​

​Aeddan's family moved to North London to be near his mother's parents, but adolescence was measured by the welcome relief (just about every school holiday) of going back 'home' to Wales and the company again of his lively, witty, talkative, funny and musical family. Some of Aeddan's abiding memories are of being literally enveloped by talk and tall tales - mainly from his several aunts, many of whom kept shops.​

​Aeddan didn't have the temerity to start writing until he'd passed 50 and had spent a career lecturing in further and higher education in Cambridgeshire. He has since gone on to produce a history trilogy 'Hero for a Dark Age', a collection of science fiction novels and two novellas, the 'Dr. K' trilogy for children and is still to publish the semi-autobiographical series 'Treharne'  along with several other works in the pipeline.


Aeddan lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife Bernadette.

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