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Last Days of the

Golden Dragon



It is the year 1415 AD and war has been raging between Wales and England for over a decade – the war for Welsh independence led by Owain Glyn Dŵr. Despite early military successes the power and resources of England eventually began to tell and Welsh resistance began to crumble; the leader taking to living off the countryside, and the continuing generosity of supporters, whilst he and his men conducted hit-and-run raids against the enemy. But in September 1415, a chronicler records, Owain disappeared and was never heard from again, the leadership of what remained of the revolt handed over to his son, Maredudd.


No-one knows for certain where Owain went, where he stayed, how long he lived for, where he died or where he was buried: he became a legend, instantly. However, one persistant piece of folklore has him seeking a refuge in a Marcher lordship in the south-east of the country and in an area that was later (in the Act of Union of 1536) to become part of Herefordshire – border country, in other words, and hostile territory at that.


This then, The Last Days of the Golden Dragon, is a thoroughly researched imagining of what became of this ultimately tragic man but Wales’s great hero, nevertheless. 


"This book has such an authentic ring to it...immediately engaging, informed and entertaining as well as making you think. Not one of those shoddy 'Hollywood/Disney' ( which also have their place)versions of Arthur."

Amazon reviewer re Hero for A Dark Age: Arthur


" pace, plenty of action, a mounting crisis eventually resolved in a fire-fight - all good stuff, but all based on an astonishing premise that I don't think anyone has ever used before: a world without speech. I found myself trying to imagine how people would communicate in such a world and how soon it would descend into chaos. Lots of ideas fizzing around in here and a wonderful vehicle for film or television adaptation..."

Amazon reviewer re Lost for Words

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